Application Process

The Ontario government is committed to transforming the adult developmental services system into a system that is more fair, more flexible, and sustainable. In order to make these changes, the government enacted the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008, and Regulations in accordance with the Act.

Effective July 1, 2011, access to adult developmental services and supports that are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services (including but not limited to the Passport Program) is provided through a Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) agency.

Any adult who is eligible for developmental services and supports funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services may apply to receive funding through the Passport Program.

Interested individuals must contact the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) agency in their community to request these services. Once an individual's eligibility has been confirmed and they have completed the Development Services Application Package, their information will be transferred to the local Passport Agency.

For more information about applying for developmental services and supports please visit the Developmental Services Ontario section of this website.